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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

People Say I'm Crazy Trailer

There's a movie I want to See

It's marketed as, "The only film about schizophrenia ever made by someone with schizophrenia." I'm excited to see it. I'm excited for others to see it. This is real life! This is 10 years in the life of John Cadigan, from the time he had his first psychotic break when he was 21, into his years of the recovery process. A Beautiful Mind was a great film, but it was NOT a documentary. It was based on a real person, but it was given the 100 million dollar hollywood treatment. I don't think there is a lot of whitewashing, smoothing over-details, fact fudging found here. Its raw.
This guy originally started filming himself and his life because he thought maybe it would help him make sense of his thoughts, his delusions and skewed perception on reality. He involved his sister Katie Cadigan, and Oscar winning documentary film maker, Ira Wohl. Not only do we see what life is like living with a severe mental illness like Schizophrenia, but we also see what its like to be a family member of that person. Originally a broken unit through divorce, The Cadigans banded together and supported each other after John was diagnosed. They all had to make it work.
Recovery isn't just the individual, it is the environment they are emerssed in as well. It is the people that they share their life with that influences much of the thought process. A positive environment is crucial to sucess within recovery programs. Treat the disease with the medication. Treat the triggers, the coping, the aftershocks, with compassion, empathy and most important of all- Unconditional love and support.

I hope John finds that in this movie. It sounds like he is doing much better. The official movie website is: .  It also has a People say I'm Crazy Facebook Page . This film has got a lot of film festivals, awards and critical praise surrounding it. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like its being screened anywhere near me. I CAN order the video... But do I really want to own this? I have no idea if this is as good as I'm hyping it out to be, or if its a complete, ambien-assisted, snooze fest. Bummer viewing, party of one. Oh well... maybe I can find it viral on here or something. Last thing I want to mention is the guy's sister, Katie Cadigan, made a PBS film called, "When Medicine Got it Wrong." Its about families fighting back after years of being blamed as the cause of their loved one's schizophrenia. It already aired in Vermont back on the 16th, but maybe I will be able to catch it again in june. If not... well, there's always viral.

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