Bipolar Bliss n' Blues

This is my personal fufillment/journal diary blog. I am bi-polar and sometimes its a little hard to sort out all that craziness, the feelings, the rush of emotions. This is my sanctuary. Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose. Lets see if I grow up to BE someone! Or... fade into the background like a wilted orchid. Once beautiful, now overshadowed by others in vibrance and ambition. Like minded souls, let us share in each others wisdom, celebrate life's victories, and support each other whenever we stumble.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Breastmilk vs. Cowmilk Cheese: The Aftermath

Would you like some Breast with that cheese?

Man makes Breast-Milk Cheese. Women, not so happy with the recipe. The general consensus seems to be, "Ew Gross," or "her husband is such a jerk for exploiting his wife and her abundance of breast milk." Making the cheese out of breast-milk can be seen as frivilous, weird, or kinda creepy, I'll admit, but some women make A LOT of breast milk and its just kind of hanging out in the fridge. Would you rather waste the stuff and chuck it, or maybe, put it to good use?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

When the Ex comes Back....

The Ex is back. The insomnia continues, and hurricane Hillary has left many men behind in her fury. They are a bit tired and confused about what. just. happened. She assures them that nothing has happened. They went along for the ride even though she told them she was rather fucked up. If hearts were broken in the process, she did warn of impending destruction. Only recently has her heart reopened up and recently it was slammed shut again. Foolish love for foolish hearts. But to be a fool in love is a beautiful thing- if you can ever get there.

"If My Heart was a House... then You would be home.."
-Owl City, If My Heart Was a House
I guess, in most cases, especially with my ex... his heart is not a home that I am invited to very often, The door is always open within my heart home. You just might have to be persistent and knock on it forever until it opens.