Bipolar Bliss n' Blues

This is my personal fufillment/journal diary blog. I am bi-polar and sometimes its a little hard to sort out all that craziness, the feelings, the rush of emotions. This is my sanctuary. Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose. Lets see if I grow up to BE someone! Or... fade into the background like a wilted orchid. Once beautiful, now overshadowed by others in vibrance and ambition. Like minded souls, let us share in each others wisdom, celebrate life's victories, and support each other whenever we stumble.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Food For thought

Took a test on and here are the results:

You may feel as though you have a bull’s-eye on your back that says, “Calling all commitmentphobes!” – but here’s the thing:
the law of attraction is a powerful concept.
If you believe that commitmentphobes are the only kind of people who find you, you’re more likely to draw them into your life.
It’s perfectly acceptable to be discerning, to turn down a date with someone because you get a commitmentphobe vibe, to say no to the commitmentphobe who keeps popping back into your life. (like the ex-boyfriend that broke your heart... move AWAY please!)

You don’t have to try so hard to make a relationship appear out of thin air, and you don’t have to assume that just because someone comes into your life it’s a situation or relationship that’s meant to be.
-(i agree w/ the concept a relationship should be easy. Especially in the begining. Why bother getting to know someone on a deeper level when he/she causes you anxiety during the first few months of your relationship? Later, if you bothered to stick with them, you are inevitably going to hit a lot of "love bumps." How else are you supposed to get to know someone and love them for who they are? I don't want to keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. DROP it now, right in front of me, and we'll see how we do. Hey, I'll drop mine on the first date. There are no secrets with me besides what I hide from myself...)