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Monday, August 1, 2011

Can't Sleep.. Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks will eat me...

"I was looking for info on Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, and your site popped up with that ultra fabulous CD cover. I don't even really LIKE fleetwood mac (i found their songs annoying, dated, and forgettable) but thanks to my ex boyfriend, I am curious about their working and artistic relationship."

What ultra fabulous CD cover am I TALKING about? I know I've got tons of info printed out on these two. Like I stated, my ex got me curious. I think we are Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham in theory. Being on stage with ------ is like being in love with him all over again. IN LOVE not just I love him, I am IN LOVE with him- on stage. When we sing together, when we connect emotionally playing music, there is no greater feeling. This is the high of love and this is what Stevie and Lindsey battled through in all their years with Fleetwood Mac.Sometimes the greatest and most honest pieces of art come from the vast confusion from turmoil of the heart. Love's despair. An ultimate denial of getting the things in life that are most desired. From the pain, blooms beauty.

It took nearly 40 years to complete Nicks' song, "Moonlight (Vampire's Dream)". She wrote it about her and Lindsey. According to Stevie, the last verse was inspired by the Twilight series; New Moon in particular. I would gather that it also helped inspire the Title of the song.

The first and the third verse in 'Moonlight' were written in the mid-'70s. The second verse -- "She's lonely, lost, and disconnected" -- was written in Brisbane right after I saw the movie. So the song, really, is ancient times up to today.
"It's strange, she runs from the ones she can't keep up with" -- is all about the love affair between Bella and Edward [in 'New Moon']. But "Some call her strange lady from the mountains/Others say she's not really real," that's written in 1976. The same with the third verse: "He loves her, but he loves his life alone as well" -- people would think that was written about Edward, but it was written about Lindsey. So this really is an ancient song that encompasses my strange and everlasting relationship with Lindsey Buckingham, and Bella and Edward, all mixed into one.

There was something vampiric, then, between you and Lindsey?

It is! Our love affair. As much as we fight and have our differences of opinion on almost everything, if anything were to happen to either of us, I would be the first one there and he would be the first one here. So it is a story [about how] love never dies.

-- Stevie Nicks, April 2011 Interview

They were madly in love, then they broke up, then they couldn't stay away from each other, then he broke her heart, she broke his, they both dated others, fell in love over and over, stomped on each others hearts, stopped communicating, ran away, found each other, married (Lindsey) someone else, became friends and started playing again. Most recently, they worked together on, "In Dreams," the first solo album she has made in 10 years.

Stevie says she will ALWAYS love Lindsey. He was THE ONE to her.
Lindsey says when they are on stage together, they are in love with each other. At that emotionally charged, pivotal moment in music, they are soulmates.
Than Lindsey goes home to his wife and children and Stevie tours as a solo act. They go away to separate lives, even if Stevie says Lindsey probably was the love of her life.

Two people who love each other, can't stay away from each other, tried just friendship, fell in love again, hurt each other, broke the other's heart (mine), stopped communicating, found each other, started making music again... Our story. Our song.

Guess we aren't all that unique after all.

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